Robot Chef
completed for Programming A to Z at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program


Robot Chef is a statistically based, markovian recipe generation algorithm. The source data is all the recipes from three websites:,, and The recipes were scraped from these websites, and then the ingredients were parsed into recognizeable forms, and statistical analysis was performed. This includes likelihood of Food A, given Food B is present, likelihood of food C given the presence of food A and food B, etc. Chains of ingredients are formed in this Markovian way, after random selection of a beginning ingredient.

The directions are made by associating certain verbs with ingredients, and following one of 4 forms of directions. Modification (cutting, peeling) done to a single ingredient. Combination of two ingredients. Affectation of one ingredient to another (brush sauce onto steak), and finishing directions, like baking or cooling.

The Current Website


The Cooking Show (with Vikram Tank), for 5-in-5.

Robot Chef Cooking Show from Anderson Miller on Vimeo.